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Phil Mickelson’s brother

Siblings: Phil Mickelson, Tina Mickelson

Parents: Mary Mickelson, Phil Mickelson Sr.

He used to be a golf coach

Prior to teaming up with his brother, Tim was the men’s golf coach at Arizona State.

He had a successful run as head coach in Tempe from 2011 to 2016 and was the head man when the Sun Devils had Jon Rahm on the team (more on that later).

Before his stint at Arizona State, Tim was the coach at the University of San Diego for eight years.

Before caddying, he was an agent

Four years ago, Phil was still playing with Bones on the bag.

Jon Rahm, an up-and-coming talent on the PGA Tour was catching the eyes of many. His agent? Tim Mickelson.

Mickelson served in the role of Rahm’s agent for about 17 months at Lagardère Sports.

Since taking over the caddying gig Mickelson has backed off his agent gig, though Rahm stayed with the Lagardère brand.

He dabbled in pro golf

Phil isn’t the only one in the family to play on the PGA Tour. Tim played in the 1999 Buick Invitational, where he missed the cut.

Tim also made one start on the Korn Ferry Tour (then the Buy.com Tour) in 2001 where he also missed the cut.

His dream foursome is different than yours

If Tim could pick any three other people to join him for a round, he’s going with president Abraham Lincoln, swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach and physicist Isaac Newton.

How’s that for a squad? No Phil, Arnie, Jack, Tiger or any other golf greats.

Tim is learning some non-golf stuff while he’s dreaming with this group.

He and Phil are ambidextrous opposites

Tim is left-handed but plays golf right-handed. His brother is exactly the opposite — right-handed but playing golf left-handed.

How’s that for odd? It’s possible you’ve already known Phil’s handedness based off many popular videos of him slinging the football around.

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Tim Mickelson 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Tim Mickelson is a golf trainer who is initially from San Diego, California.

He is most popular as the caddie of his brother, Phil Mickelson.

Tim has offered help and help to numerous youthful competitors who will be golf player later on.

Subsequent to making a fruitful profession out of hitting the fairway vocation, Tim has chosen to be the caddie of his brother and be his side for eternity.

The team is shaking the universe of golf recently.

Tim Mickelson’s age is right now 43 years of age. Tim has never referenced anybody in regards to his birthday.

Be that as it may, he once wished his brother Phil ‘Glad Birthday’ on Twitter.

Tim referenced that he was 7 years more youthful than his brother, however he laments developing old.

His brother Phil is as of now 50 years of age. In view of the above data we finished up the period of Tim Mickelson.

Tim Mickelson has a charming family however he needs to stay quiet on his private life.

Tim is cheerfully hitched to his significant other Maranda Mickelson.

In his Twitter account, Tim posted a picture of his child who passes by the name of Asher Hayes.

As indicated by Tim’s Twitter Hayes was born on the 26th of January 2021.

Other than that, there are no subtleties on his family.

Tim Mickelson has 2 kin where they burned through the greater part of their youth together.

His more established brother Phil Mickelson is a prestigious golf player all over America.

He has a more seasoned sister who passes by the name of Tina Mickelson.

According to Tina’s Twitter bio, she is a PGA proficient golf player, public speaker, and ability in occasion the board.

Tim Mickelson is included on Wikipedia as the caddie of Phil Mickelson.

Also, he was a golf trainer and specialist for Lagardere sports.

As per Golfdigest, he used to fill in as a golf trainer at San Diego University and Arizona State University.

It has been 3 years totally since Tim has become his brother’s caddy. Instagram adn Twitter accounts.