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Known for flashy gold chains and extravagant lifestyle, Zafar Khan aka Zafar Supari opened up about his life that has become an internet sensation and stirred curiosity among his fans.

Supari said: “People know me wherever I go and sometimes I am also surprised about how they know about me,” adding that he had made an account on Facebook only three years ago.

Disclosing the secret behind his unusual name, Supari said that his real name is Zafar Khan, but a friend added the word ‘Supari’ before his name reasoning that this suited with his personality.

“I am not a goon but just a humble person,” he said, adding that he did not believe in saying bad things about people.

He said that children and youngsters come with their parents to meet him and have a selfie with him, adding, “If I was a goon, why they would call on me?”

Hailing from Mohmand Agency, Supari made an astonishing revelation:

“I am Hafiz-e-Quran and memorised the holy book at the age of five. I have three children, including a son named Shahzain Khan.

“Earlier, I wore ten rings on fingers of each hand and now I have reduced the usage of yellow metal as now there is only one ring on each hand with a bracelet,” the gold lover said.

He also asked the people to pray for him so that he could get rid of gold.

Zafar Supari said that parents usually complain that their children begin to misbehave after meeting him; therefore, “I request all brothers to respect their parents as wealth, education and all these things are useless if their parents are unhappy with them”.

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Zafar Supari 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Zafar Kahn Supari is a businessman from Rawalpindi who deals in petrol stations, property, plazas and machinery.

He is a man for his great and craze love for gold.

He is found of gold, weapons and pets and that’s why he always found on social media platform wearing heavy gold, playing with pets.

In a recent interview with SAMAA, Zafar Khan Supari first revealed about his name.

His original name is Zafar Khan while Zafar Supari is his nickname.

Most of the children like playing with toys but Zafar Supari were unique from them as he was deadly found of keeping playing.

As he grew up, his passion for the gold has been growing even more.

Two to three guards has deployed by the Zafar Supari for the protection of gold he is warning all the time.

He assigned his popularity because of the prayers of his parents and his good deed to help others in time of need.

Neither is he MPA nor a politician still enjoying a high level of protocol.

He is a Pathan by birth and his birthplace is Rawalpindi. He has visited almost 28 countries so far.

He is found of keeping lion, snakes, and original dogs.

Telling about his original Facebook and Twitter official account instead of telling the exact name, Zafar Supari said the ID with almost 3 lac likes is his original Facebook ID and the twitter account with almost 1 lac followers is his original Twitter account.

He requested the other gold lovers not to copy his style and instead of copying him, work for the Pakistan as there are many other issues that need the attention.