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Police investigation reveals Zaahir Jaffer, killer of of Noor, is a US citizen and was booked to leave Islamabad for America on a flight today.

Police is treating this as proof of premeditated murder and attempted flight from justice.

Make the criminal Zahir Jaffer’s face viral not of the victim. Let his family not get away with this murder.

We should not even be responding to the narrative that he was mentally ill.

This is what always happens, we start putting out small fires instead of looking at the actual issue.

This guy would not heading a company if he was considered unstable enough to actually behead someone.

How have we reached a point where “infidelity” by women is considered a sin and a stain on a whole family but a murderer is just a guy who had some mental health issues.

How can we look at our cultures and say this is okay?

The media has received reliable information that the murderer’s family is trying to bribe police and a judge to allow him to flee.

They have also threatened the family of the deceased.

A judge is not involved at this stage of the investigation so the presumption that any one would bribe is judge is far fetched sir with all due respect and grief for your loss.

The judge will set involved after the police files a final challan and stage of indictment arrives.

While Islamabad reels from this, want to take a moment to remind everyone that this is a case of gender based violence.

So the guy Zahir also stabbed one of the guys who came to rescue the girl and that guy is in critical condition now in the hospital.

Police report in Justice For Noor case says case registered against Zahir Jaffer under Section 302 (premeditated murder) of Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint of the victim’s father late on Tuesday.

In his complaint, Shaukat Mukadam says he went to Rawalpindi on July 19 to buy a goat for Eid Al Adha while his wife had gone to her tailor.

When he returned home in the evening, the couple found their daughter Noor absent from their house in Islamabad. Noor’s parents found her cellphone number to be switched off, and started a search for her.

Sometime later, Noor called her parents to inform them that she was travelling to Lahore with some friends and would return in a day or two, according to police report.

On Tuesday afternoon, the complainant Noor’s father said he received a call from Zahir Zamir Jaffer, son of Zakir Jaffer, whose family were the ex-diplomat’s acquaintances.

Zahir informed Mukadam that Noor was not with him, the police report said.

At around 10pm on Tuesday, Noor’s father received a call from Kohsar police station in Islamabad, informing him that Noor had been murdered.

Police subsequently took Noor’s father to Zahir Jaffer’s house in Sector F-7/4 where he discovered that his “daughter has been brutally murdered with a sharp-edged weapon and beheaded”, according to the police report.

If we are to make society safer for women, children & under-age home workers, we must ensure expedited trials, exemplary punishments & prohibit settlement by legal heirs (due to financial or other reasons) as these aren’t just offences against persons but society.

Those who rejected Women Protection Bill, including Imran Khan,are the culprits.

When a misogynist PM says that rapes by non robotic men are a result of dresses women wear, these incidents are bound to increase.

Yes Pakistanis voted for PTI and supported Imran through and through but really hurt by his dealings of this issue and cannot support him in this.

We have to call a spade a spade.

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On July 20, 27-year-old Noor daughter of Shaukat Mukadam was found slain at a home in the capital’s posh Sector F-7/4.

The suspect, Zahir Jaffer was arrested from the same house in which Noor Mukadam was murdered.

He worked for his family business Ahmed Jaffer & Company as a chief brand strategist.